Cruise 10.0 R


    For motorboats and sailboats up to 10 tons

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    Cruise 10.0 R

    Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R

    The new flagship of the Cruise line: The new Cruise 10.0 not only has an impressive appearance, it also delivers impressive performance. High-tech from the shaft head to the fin – and emission-free. Make way for the Cruise 10.0!

    The Cruise 10.0 is comparable to a 20 HP petrol outboard and can be easily mounted on your boat with a couple of tools.
    A power supply from at least four lithium batteries (Power 26-104) or with eight lead batteries (lead-gel or AGM) must be provided for operation.

    Cruise 10.0 R – Benefits:

    • 12 kW peak power, 10 kW continuous power – powerful propulsion like a 20 HP combustion engine
    • Simple handling thanks to voltage level of 48 V
    • We recommend the Cruise 10.0 for dinghies and sailboats up to 10 tons.
    • Remote steering connector option, comes with remote throttle.
    • Intelligent on-board computer and all of the convenience of a Torqeedo electric drive system
    • Very robust design – protected from corrosion, saltwater-capable, and completely waterproof (IP67)
    • Low-profile design – elegant and modern …

    Product description

    • 12kW peak output, 10kW continuous output – powerful propulsion comparable to a 20 HP combustion engine
    • Intelligent on-board computer and the full convenience of a Torqeedo electric drive system
    • Electric tilting device for ease of operation
    • Easy handling thanks to low-voltage level (48 Volt)
    • Very robust design – corrosion-protected, sea water-capable and completely waterproof (IP67)
    • Slimline construction – elegant and
    • Versions: short shaft S: 38.5cm shaft length, long shaft L: 51.2cm shaft length, extra long shaft XL: 63.9cm shaft length
    • Weight: 59.8 kg (S), 61.3 kg (L) , 62.5 kg (XL)

    Ordering information

    • Equipment included: Connection to remote steering, remote throttle, integrated on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation, 25 mm2 cable set (4.5 m) including fuse and main switch, plug connector.
    • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use